Initial Deposit Fully Serviced Land


Kindly select the type of Fully Serviced Plot that you desire to register.   We have three options for sale, ie., Outright purchase, One Year Monthly plan and Two Years Monthly plan.  Once you pay this Initial Deposit, our staff will get in touch with you to setup your monthly payment plan as applicable.

Fully Serviced Plot (Silver) 70’x 50′
Fully Serviced Plot (Gold) 70’x 100′
Fully Serviced Plot (Silver) 70’x 40′
Fully Serviced Plot (Gold) 70’x 80′


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  1. This is not a freehold sale; it is a leasehold property.
  2. The land shall be used for residential purposes only. Lease shall be cancelled if it is used for any other purpose apart from residential.
  3. The non-refundable registration fee is GHC 500 and the initial deposit is GHC 3,500 per plot for Ghanaians only. Please note that we have slightly different terms for non-Ghanaians.
  4. The property code allocation shall be after completion of payment. You shall take immediate occupancy thereafter. Your Indenture/Deed of Assignment of Property shall be registered for you after delivery in 12 months from date of payment.
  5. Your lease starts after you take occupancy of the property and shall be for a period of 60 years, renewable for another 45 years at 3% of the value at the time of renewal.
  6. You are required to fully develop and occupy the plot within 4 years after handing over, after which your deed of Assignment shall be handed over to you.
  7. Construction of your property will be done by PLANNED CITIES EXTENSION PROJECT contractors. In the case where you would like to build on your own, management shall approve of your plan and methodology before construction begins. You are required to consult the Estate Managers on the design standards and specifications for your development of the said plot and submit drawings/designs for inspection and approval, prior to commencement of works on same. Please note the submissions mentioned in this paragraph shall be for the original development, future intended extension or any modification thereof.
  8. You may choose to make outright payment at any time subject to negotiation.
  9. A penalty of 15% of payment made to date will be charged to you and deducted from payments if you decide to opt out prior to delivery of the property.
  10. Any delayed monthly payment will attract a penalty of 5%.
  11. Where you default in payment for three consecutive months any time prior to delivery, a refund will be given to you, after a penalty of 15% deducted.
  12. Refund, where situation arises shall be effected maximum 12 months (I.e. excluding weekends and holidays) after application for same.
  13. The Property is not transferable without recourse to the Cities and Habitats GH Ltd.
  14. Be assured that in the most unlikely event that Cities &Habitats GH Ltd fails to deliver, you will be entitled to a 100% refund of your total payments made.
  15. Your membership code will be communicated to you within two months from the date your acceptance letter is received.
  16. You will be responsible for maintenance of the property but only with registered CITIES EXTENSION APPROVED service providers.
  17. You will be required to sign a separate Estate Management and Maintenance Agreement in addition to your lease Agreement.
  18. Please note our communities and homes are expected to be highly maintained. You will be required to pay reasonable Estate Management service charges for, i.e. public cleansing (roads, street & drainage), maintenance of streetlights, security and solid waste collection.
  19. Please note that self-help provision of services, i.e. water, electricity, drainage, tarring of road, waste management etc. is not allowed in our communities.
  20. The offer is applicable only till 30 calendar days from the date of your completion of Registration. (REGISTRATION IS DEEMED COMPLETE AFTER INITIAL DEPOSIT IS MADE.) You will need to apply for fresh offer thereafter from our offices.
  21. Your Acceptance letter must be duly signed, addressed and returned to the Project Manager, Cities & Habitats GH Ltd, Planned Cities Extension Project, Central University Campus, Miotso-Prampram. (NB: Making payments is considered an acceptance of the Terms and Conditions)
Fully Serviced Plot

Fully Serviced Plot (Silver) 70'x 50', Fully Serviced Plot (Gold) 70'x 100', Fully Serviced Plot (Silver) 70'x 40', Fully Serviced Plot (Gold) 70'x 80'


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