Project Status

The Planned City Extension Project Concept Plan has been developed with close associations by various stake holders to include land owners to include :

  • The map has now been clothed with detailed sustainability features and translated into an execution design to make NEWAC one of the best cities in the world. The primary areas include :
    • Gated community districts, with all elements for a higher quality of life, such as
    • Transportation focusing on mass transportation systems to include wide roads with streamlined interchange flyovers, light rail / metro, coastal ferry wharfs, heliports, etc.
    • Energy Security with renewable power, micro grids, and gas economy.
    • Water Management to ensure tap drinkable quality water supply at homes and establishments, rain water harvesting, grey water recycling and scientific sewage disposal.
    • Public Amenities : commercial establishments, parks, hospitals, educational institutions.
    • Commercial district to fuel economy and employment within walking distance.
    • Public district to include Government and Municipal offices, diplomatic enclaves and court houses, fire stations, police stations, etc
    • Citywide utility service ducts
  • Some of the World’s top engineering companies have partnered in the project.
  • The engineering studies and the design phase will commence from May 2019 and phase 1 of 300000 homes is planned to be completed by 2022.