The project has already started. The Newac City plans have been recommended by the UN Habitat and approved by the Ministry of Local Government and Rural Development.  LAHOSE GH Ltd has been incorporated to operationalize the LAHOSE.

  1.  Newac City Map designed by the UN Habitat has been made and approved by all stakeholders, ie,  the Ningo Prampram District Assembly (NiPDA), the House of Chiefs and the Ministry of Local Govt (MOLG).
  2.  The NiPDA CEO is the Chairman of the Governing Board and a capable Project Manager has been appointed to steer the project.
  3. A Land and House Ownership Scheme (LAHOSE) has been designed and an Operator tasked to manage its execution.
  4. Leading infrastructure companies have been invited to provide innovative funding and construction development.
  5.  City iconic buildings have been planned to showcase Ghana’s  heritage and conventional symbology as an aerial eye candy.
  6. Leading architects have been invited to offer their designs that will adopt to Newac City planning guidelines to a futuristic smart and sustainable city.  
  7. LAHOSE GH Ltd has been registered to mange the role of the Operator of LAHOSE.

The population of Accra City will double in next 5 to 9 years.  The Newac City has been designed to enable this growth to be vibrant and economically sustainable for the inhabitants of this futuristic city.

In the first phase, it is planned to complete 300,000 houses and scale it up to accommodate over 1.2 million houses. 

Phase 1 is planned to be completed by 2021.

  1.  You are entitled to pay the cost of your dream home upto a maximum monthly equated installment of 50% of your take home income; say,  salary income minus any other installment for loans taken earlier.
  2. If you are a Government Employee, you are automatically qualified. 
  3. If your age is more than 40 years, you may need to include a Co-Applicant to own a tenement. 
  4. If you are a employee of a private company, you should have been working in the same company for the last 3 years.
  5. Look at the price chart below for various types of dwelling units available.     The prices are indicative till “Registration Dates” are announced.   Right Click on  image  to  download  this Price Chart.

Create a log in and Register for your dream house in Newac City.

After registration, you may buy more houses or plots. 

Add dream homes to your cart and compare them for various features. 

Registration with a NACR# will enrich your experience of being a special citizen of the Newac City.  

You will be required to start paying installments two months after receipt of a Newac City Registration Number (NACR)

Applicant for plots who intend to commence development should have paid minimum 48 months and there should be minimum 50 applicants with same payments status.  This because development of services will be done in blocks and needs reasonable numbers contribute. Other Terms and Conditions apply.

Yes.  Select the “Upfront Payment” option during registration and our team will revert back to you with pricing.  This is because more details will be required and properties allotted based on perspective plans of the project.

Deed of Assignment to be registered for client/tenant buyers after completion of payment.